Nine CDC Health Hacks for Back-to-School Success

By Mitch Wisniewski, HealthyJoCo Volunteer

To have a successful school year, kids need to stay healthy. Healthy students are better learners. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has tips and resources for parents and schools to help children and teens get fit and stay healthy whether they’re just starting kindergarten or heading off to high school.

Initially, the CDC reminds parents to encourage their children to eat well, be active, and limit sugary drinks. Proper nutrition and exercise are fundamental aspects of being healthy. Regular exercise is a great way to alleviate anxiety and promote social cohesion between students.

Among other tips, parents are reminded to get their children vaccinated. Vaccinations can help protect children and teens as they grow into adulthood. Vaccinations also protect a child’s classmates, friends, relatives, and others in the community. Regular vaccinations protect kids before they are exposed to highly contagious and dangerous diseases like measles, whooping cough, and chickenpox. Hand washing was also a reminder to parents. Parents, teachers, and informed students can teach proper handwashing to others to ensure that germs and illnesses are not easily passed to others. Because students are with the same group of people every day, it is important to encourage handwashing to ensure that their peers and school staff stay happy and healthy.

Overall, student health is closely related to academic achievement. Parents hold a large responsibility in supporting their children’s learning and encouraging a healthy lifestyle for years to come.’