Safety as the school year starts

By: Mallory Holub, HealthyJoCo Volunteer

As the school year kicks off again for the 2019-2020 school year it is important to keep safety in mind. Don’t forget to stop, look, and listen before crossing the street. If biking to school, don’t forget to wear a helmet as well as use hand signals. The Robert A. Lee Recreation Center has kid and adult helmets for sale at the low cost of $12. If riding the bus to school, make sure to be early to the bus stop and wait for the drivers okay before approaching the bus. Remember to never take rides from strangers. Lastly, if driving to school, be on the lookout for people crossing in residential neighborhoods and school zones. Always be aware of who is surrounding you, and be on the lookout for bicyclists. Never text or use your phone at all while driving for the safety of yourself and others.