Vaping in Schools

By: Mallory Holub, HealthyJoCo Volunteer

Schools all over are trying to fight back on the vaping epidemic that has risen in recent years. Vaping is considered a tobacco product and is disciplined as such in many schools. In-school suspension for a first offense and then out of school suspension for the second, and even getting law enforcement involved has been the typical way school deal with vaping. One school in southern California has started a new disciplinary action where the first offenders are required to go to a four hour class on Saturday and second offenders are required to go to more extensive counseling with their parents. Vaping is harmful not just because of the amount of nicotine in products, but the lack of research that has been done on the long term impacts vaping can have on a person. Many law makers have tried raising the legal age for vaping and smoking to 21 years-old, while others have been more focused on helping the 13 and 14 year old kids and more to break their addiction with getting them the help, treatment, and support they need.