How to grow Leaders?

By: Kylie Henkels, HealthyJoCo Volunteer

A town in Florida prides its self as “the town that Freedom built.” The oldest historically black incorporated town in America exists and survives because of citizen leadership, vision and persistence. Eatonville Florida has empowered citizens to become leaders for change. By valuing the voices and contributions of all our citizens, real systemic change has occurred. Jasmyne Reese, neighborhood coordinator for Eatonville, Florida’s Community Redevelopment Agency, shares three things she’s learned about nurturing homegrown leaders during her time of leading the Healthy Eatonville Team.

  1. Prioritize items. Sometimes the “small” things-such as fixing sidewalks- can have a big impact.
  2. Lead, but Listen. Jasmyne says having citizens be at the stakeholder table, allows them to feel represented and empowered.
  3. Find Champions for Citizens’ Work. Having a leader of city government prioritize and engage at the neighborhood level, will inspire other to make a difference where they live.

Check out why Nurturing Homegrown Leaders can benefit a town: